Hellooooo! I haven't been on here in a while, so I figured I should post an update on where I'm at.

For those that don't know, I went to visit my best friend for 2 weeks in Amsterdam a month ago, which was AMAZING. I got to experience Amsterdam again, and got a lot more photos that I'm excited for than last time. I've picked the ones I want to keep, and need to do some touching up on them. How long will that take? Well, anyone that knows me knows that I take... time... let's just call it time... to work through my photos (read: I'm lazy).

In this case, I've got 442 to go through. I'm sure at least 100 of those are going to be condensed into smaller numbers, since I'm going to try something new with motion blur.

I haven't really given myself a chance to actually do anything significant with them yet. I tend to work late at night so when I get home I usually just want to unwind and play some games, and there are weeks where my computer isn't touched at all, weekends included.

I have been more active on Instagram than I have ever been before, which I am hoping makes up for my lack of "big" updates :) You can find me @thebiltong.

So you can expect my Amsterdam photos to be up here in a month or so (remember though, this is Africa time ;).